Flanders Open Cup


Ten girls from the ASA MALTA Synchro Team have participated in the prestigious Flanders Open Cup recently held in Belgium. They competed in 3 categories (Solo, Duet and Team) against their peers from eleven other European teams. In the Duet competition, Mya Azzopardi and Mikela Riolo had an outstanding performance and placed third in the routine. Their ranking was subsequently lowered to seventh place overall when the points of figure competition were added, this being due to the other teams’ greater experience. The Maltese team also achieved an astonishing fifth place and Mya Azzopardi came tenth in the Solo competition. The ASA MALTA Synchro team placed ninth overall which is remarkable considering the strength, experience and tradition of the other participating European countries in this sport.

Photo: Duet - Mya Azzopardi and Mikela Riolo