Women and Age Group Competitions

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National Water Polo

Winter Development Games 2021

Women & Age Groups

SUNDAY 21-Feb U13 09:00 SLM vs EXL 5-0
        SGN  vs NEP 6-9
        SIR vs MSK 12-11
    U17 10:30 SLM vs OTT 25-3
        SIR vs NEP 11-20
        SGN vs BBG 10-7
SATURDAY 27-Feb WOMEN 15:00 MSK vs EXL 7-20
      16:05 SLM vs SIR 12-10
SUNDAY 28-Feb U15 09:00 NEP vs SIR 15-6
        SLM vs BBG 16-6
        MSK vs SGN 3-18
      10:30 EXL vs OTT 3-18
    U20 10:30 SLM vs SIR 12-7
        NEP vs SGN  

Following the announcement of new measures by the Authorities on the

4th March 2021, a Club Presidents’ Meeting was held and it was decided

to suspend the Women’s as well as all the Age Groups’ Development

Games until further notice.

SATURDAY 06-Mar WOMEN 15:00 EXL vs SGN  
      16:05 MSK vs SLM  
SUNDAY 07-Mar U13 09:00 NEP vs SLM  
        SIR vs BBG  
        EXL vs MSK  
    U17 10:30 NEP vs OTT  
        SIR vs BBG  
        SGN vs SLM  
SATURDAY  13-Mar WOMEN 15:00 SIR vs EXL  
      16:05 SGN vs MSK  
SUNDAY 14-Mar U15 09:00 SLM vs NEP  
        BBG vs SIR  
        SGN vs EXL  
      10:30 MSK vs OTT  
    U20 10:30 SGN vs SLM  
        BBG vs NEP  
SATURDAY 20-Mar WOMEN 15:00 EXL vs SLM  
At Neptunes Pitch   16:05 SGN vs SIR  
SUNDAY 21-Mar U13 14:00 SLM vs BBG  
        SGN vs SIR  
        NEP vs EXL  
    U17 15:30 NEP vs BBG  
        SGN vs OTT  
        SLM vs SIR  
SATURDAY 27-Mar WOMEN 15:00 SIR vs MSK  
      16:05 SLM vs SGN  
SUNDAY 28-Mar U15 09:00 BBG vs NEP  
        SIR vs SLM  
        EXL vs MSK  
      10:30 SGN vs OTT  
    U20 10:30 BBG vs SIR  
        NEP vs SLM  
WEDNESDAY 31-Mar U13 10:30 SLM vs SGN  
        BBG vs EXL  
        NEP vs MSK  
    U17 12:00 BBG vs OTT  
        SLM vs NEP  
        SGN vs SIR  
SUNDAY 18-Apr U15 09:00 B3 vs A4  
        B4 vs A3  
        A2 vs B1  
      10:30 A1 vs B2  
    U20 10:30 SIR vs SGN  
        BBG vs SLM  
SUNDAY 25-Apr U13 09:00 SIR vs SLM  
        BBG vs MSK  
        SGN vs EXL  
    U17 10:30 BBG vs SLM  
        NEP vs SGN  
        SIR vs OTT  
SUNDAY  02-May U15 09:00 A3 vs A4  
        B3 vs B4  
        B1 vs B2  
      10:30 A1 vs A2  
    U20 10:30 BBG vs SGN  
        NEP vs SIR  
SUNDAY 09-May U15 09:00 A4 vs B4  
        A2 vs B2  
        A3 vs B3  
      10:30 A1 vs B1  
SUNDAY 16-May U13 09:00 EXL vs SIR  
        MSK vs SGN  
        NEP vs BBG  
SUNDAY 23-May U13 09:00 BBG vs SGN  
        NEP vs SIR  
        MSK vs SLM  
U15 Group A BBG NEP SIR SLM