Maltese Synchronised Swimmers in Bratislava


The Maltese Synchronised Swimming National Team have just returned from an age-group competition called ‘Little Frogs’ in Bratislava under the guidance of the twice Olympic medallist Saho Harada. The team of 12 competed against 130 participants from 5 different countries and Martina Fitzgerald, Tamara Poghosyan and Hannah Preca Trapani all medalled in their category.

In a younger age-group for 11 and 12-year old swimmers,, 11-year old Mya Azzopardi placed 8th overall from 56 participants (and 3rd amongst the 11-year olds).

The team also participated in exhibition sequences which were judged out of competition. The results were very promising with most of the synchronised swimmers placing among the top three.

Although Synchronised Swimming is a discipline that was promoted last year by the Aquatic Sports Association of Malta, it has picked up very quickly. The team will also be competing in Belgium at the end of November of this year.

Photo: Team members after the exhibition at the pool - Mya Azzopardi, Mikela Riolo, Alessia Taliana Cardona, Martina Fitzgerald, Tamara Pogosyan, Hannah Preca Trapani, Andria Friggieri, Gail Gauci, Melanie Borg Cardona, Ingrid Djincharadze, Lisa Fenech, Pearl Calleja.