25th Guess Easter International Swim Meet


The ASA of Malta will be organising the 25th edition of the Guess Easter International Swim Meet between the 5th and 7th of April.  This is a yearly event that is becoming increasingly popular with both Maltese and Foreign athletes.

During this year's event not less than 367 swimmers will be participating.  271 of these swimmers are registered with Maltese clubs, with the rest coming from clubs registered in the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Great Britian, Poland, Sweden, Lebanon, Slovenia, Italy and Luxembourg. The whole three days will be filled with activities where the swimmers will be involved in 1519 single starts and 63 relays.  

 For the first time ever this meet has gained the status of a FINA Qualified Event.  In this respect both the Chief Referee as well as the Starter will be selected from the FINA international approved list and brought from overseas.

This being the 25th Edition the ASA has decided to present a trophy to the winning team which for this year will be named the Michael Gialanze Trophy in recognition of the sterling work he carried out during the many years of service to the swimming community within the ASA.