GSSE San Marino 2017 Minimum Qualifying Standards


1. Athletes have to achieve the times as indicated below in the qualifying period March 2016 – May 2017.

2. A National Coaching coordinator has to be appointed and is to be approved by the Maltese Olympic Committee Technical Commission.

3. The preparation period for the Games is March 2016 to May 2017.

4. The athletes will train a minimum of 18 hours a week with the designated coach.

5. The athletes have to participate in the following number of


a) 2 overseas (International) in 2016 and 2017
b) National Championships & Easter Meeting 2016
c) National Championships & Easter Meeting 2017

These International competitions have to have an equivalent standard of the Games or an International suitably recognised standard. The results achieved will be taken into consideration when making the final selection. These competitions have to be approved by the MOC Director of sport.

6. Every 6 to 8 weeks, the athletes aspiring to participate in the Games will be subject to Diagnostic Fitness Tests at the Maltese Olympic Committee Fitness Diagnostic Lab.

7. All members of the Team are to be certified injury free by the MOC Medical Team.

8. A written report is to be submitted to the Director of Sport every 4 weeks highlighting all the aspects of the training process.

9. The Association should participate in at least one training programme through the CONI protocol (if available) in the period January – May 2017.

10. The Association will have to participate in and follow all technical directives stipulated by the Director of Sport of the Maltese Olympic Committee.

11. The M.O.C. Executive reserves the right to include any athlete that does not meet with the MQS criteria if there is a valid technical reason which has to be motivated.

12. All athletes participating in the Games must sign a contract and abide by the Rules and Code of Conduct of the IOC and those of the MOC.

13. The final decision of the members of the contingent rests solely with the Maltese Olympic Committee.


50m Freestyle 23.17s 26.39s
100m Freestyle 51.61s 57.77s
100m Back 58.21s 1:05,42s
100m Butterfly 55.12s 1:02,92s
100m Breast 1:03,08s 1:13,42s
200m Freestyle 1:53,42s 2:02,61s
200m Back 2:08,92s 2:19,11s
200m Butterfly 2:0315s 2:19,39s
200m Breast 2:17,30s 2.38,88s
200m IM 2:05,13s 2:21,70s
400m Freestyle 4:04,21s 4:24,07s
400m IM 4:32,99s 5:02,37s
800m Freestyle N/A 9:03,66s
1500m Freestyle 16:18,50s N/A
4 x 100m Freestyle 3;29,00s 4:00,23s
4 x 100m Medley 3:54,00s 4:23,78s
4 x 200m Freestyle 7:51,22s 8:39,58s