ASA Council

“The ASA Council shall be entrusted with establishing the policy of the Association, and generally to act solely and in the best interest of aquatic sports”

The ASA Council shall be composed of:-

  1. the Honorary President/s;
  2. the President;
  3. the three Vice Presidents;
  4. the General Secretary;
  5. the Treasurer;
  6. representatives nominated by Clubs (Voting).  These representatives shall be empowered by their respective Club to take decisions on behalf of their club without the need to refer to the Club’s committee; (amended AGM 2017)
  7. the President or Secretary of affiliated Bodies (Non-Voting); (added AGM 2017)
  8. the immediate past President and the immediate past General Secretary, provided that they would have completed at least one full term of office as President and General Secretary respectively;
  9. the Honorary Members;
  10. any other Co-opted Members
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