First Division (2nd Div prior to 2012) 


YearFirst Division LeagueFirst Division KOFirst Division Winter League
2023Birzebbuga ASCMarsaxlokk ASCMarsaskala ASC
2022Marsaskala ASCMarsaskala ASCMarsaskala ASC
2021Sirens ASCSirens ASCnot held
2020VallettaVallettanot held
2019Marsaskala ASCMarsaskala ASCBirzebbuga ASC
2018Marsaxlokk ASCMarsaskala ASCBirzebbuga ASC
2017Marsaxlokk ASCB'Bugia ASC
2016Marsaxlokk ASCMarsaxlokk ASC
2015Marsaskala ASCMarsaxlokk ASC
2014Marsaskala ASCMarsaskala ASC
2013Valletta WPCValletta WPC
2012Marsaxlokk ASCMarsaskala ASC
Second Division LeagueSecond Division KO
2011Marsaskala ASCTa' Xbiex ASC
2010Marsaskala ASCM'Scala SC
2009Exiles SCMarsaskala ASC
2008Exiles SCExiles SC
2007Marsaskala ASCMarsaskala ASC
2006Exiles SCMarsaskala ASC
2005San Giljan ASCSan Giljan ASC
2004San Giljan ASCExiles SC
2003San Giljan ASCExiles SC
2002Exiles SCExiles SC
2001Marsaxlokk ASCSan Giljan ASC
2000Exiles SCMarsaxlokk ASC
1999Marsaxlokk ASCMarsaxlokk ASC
1998San Giljan ASCMarsaxlokk ASC
1997San Giljan ASCTa' Xbiex ASC
1996B'Bugia ASCTa' Xbiex ASC
1995Marsaskala ASCMarsaskala ASC
1994Ta' Xbiex ASCBarracudas
1993Marsaskala ASCMarsaskala ASC
1992Valletta WPCValletta WPC
1991BarracudasExiles SC
1990Marsaskala ASCMarsaskala ASC
1989Exiles SCBarracudas
1988San Giljan ASCBarracudas
1987Exiles SCSirens ASC
1986Marsaskala ASCSan Giljan ASC
1985San Giljan ASCSan Giljan ASC
1984Sirens ASCExiles SC
1983Valletta WPCValletta WPC
1982Exiles SCExiles SC
1981Marsaxlokk ASCMarsaxlokk ASC
1980Exiles SCMarsaxlokk ASC
1979Sliema BExiles SC
1978Sirens ASCSirens ASC
1977Exiles SCExiles SC
1976B'Bugia ASCB'Bugia ASC
1975Marsaskala ASCExiles SC
1974Ta' Xbiex ASCMarsaxlokk ASC
1973B'Bugia ASCMarsaxlokk ASC
1972Ta' Xbiex ASCTa' Xbiex ASC
1971Sirens ASCSirens ASC
1970B'Bugia ASCTa' Xbiex ASC

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