At the end of the Hungarian Artistic Swimming Open Championships held in Budapest, Hungary, Michelle Hubner, the National Coach, was extremely pleased with the results obtained by Ana Culic, Zea Montfort and Emily Ruggier.  The Championships hosted 14 countries with over 500 athletes in the various age categories.

In the U15 Figures, out of 102 athletes, Zea Montfort placed 5th place with a total of 70.986 points, a personal best and an improvement of 4 points over the score obtained in the COMEN Cup last September.   Emily Ruggier placed 19th with a total of 65.414 points.

Zea Montfort placed 3rd in the U15 Solo Free, obtaining 71.333 points an increase of 4 points over the results obtained in the COMEN Cup.

In the U15 Duet Free, out of 19 pairs, Zea Montfort and Emily Ruggier placed 2nd with a total of 138.066 points an improvement of 7 points on the score obtained in the COMEN Cup.

Ana Culic placed 5th in the Solo Free, out of 11 athletes, obtaining a total of 70.907 points an improvement of 3 points on the score obtained at the French Open in April.

In the Solo Tech, Culic went on to improve the score she obtained at the French Open by 8 points placing 6th obtaining a total of 72.300.

Michelle Hubner expressed her satisfaction at the improvement achieved by the three athletes stating that this augurs well for the upcoming international competitions and will also encourage all the other artistic swimmers.