Following the historical participation of Thea Blake and Ana Culic at these FINA World Championships, hereunder are the scores achieved in all the events:

Solo Tech: 23/26 score of 67.8
Solo free: 24/28 score of 68.9
Duet tech: 29/32 score of 64.54
Duet free: 33/33 score of 65.2

The National Coach Michelle Hubner and her assistant Hannah Preca Trapani had the following comments to make on their return to Malta:

“We are very happy with the athletes’ performance and improvement. We believe that participation in this competition was important for the development not only of the current senior team but for the whole Maltese Artistic Swimming community. Being able to compete, train and exchange experiences with the best teams in the world helped both athletes and coaches. The team received positive feedback from judges and coaches from leading teams which will help improve the performance of our senior athletes and the upcoming generation. The team is looking forward to improve the current
routines and to better our weak areas for the upcoming Senior and Youth European Championships.”

Joe Caruana Curran, ASA President, commented that “the ASA is satisfied with the results achieved at the World Championships. The participation of our athletes at such a high-level competition is a welldeserved reward for all the hard work and dedication by the athletes and coaches. This will also inspire the current artistic swimmers as well as attract more athletes to this beautiful sport.”